Student Council Information

What is student Council?

Student council is a leadership organization that promotes a positive learning environment and a positive school culture. This is done through planning activities such as homecoming, courtwarming, Safe and Sober, school dances, Veteran’s Day, Polar Bear Plunge, National leadership week and service projects.

Who can be a member of Student Council?

Any student with a 3.0 grade point average (B average) can apply to be in student council. Students must have 50 classmates sign a petition and sign the Rules and Regulations Form to be eligible. Both forms are attached.

How is Student Council Organized?

Student Council has four Student Body officers that represent the entire student body. In addition each class has a President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 class representatives. Monthly meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month at 7:15 am.

How do I become a class officer?

Elections for Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors take place at the end of the school year. Elections for Freshmen will be held the second week of school. Each applicant must run for a class office (president, vice president, secretary or treasurer). Any student not elected to office will run for class representative the following day. Campaign signs may be posted in your class hallway and must promote you as a candidate. Signs must not be negative toward other candidates.

Why should I join student council?

Student council is a great way to give your classmates a voice in what happens in our school. It also develops leadership skills and is a lot of fun!

What if I am not elected as an officer or representative?

All CHS students are welcome to attend monthly meetings. We welcome ideas and input from everyone.

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